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Battlecry...........haha that's a really funny title. | Mar 17 2007 3:02 AM

Battlecry...........haha that's a really funny title. | Mar 17 2007 3:02 AM

well, I was on battlecry earlier this week (when the battlecry event was going on in San Francisco) and I happened to start watching the live feed from the event. Ron Luce was speaking, and it was really good so I kept listening.

One of the things that stuck out to me was the different classifications of believers. He was talking about different types of people and how much they sought after God.

The first group was I think the students. They are committed, they study their word (pretty good) and they spend some time with God. They do seek after God, but not to an extreme.

The next group was I think the seekers. They are the ones who really seek after God, spending a lot of time with Him on a daily basis. They seek out the obscure facts about God that no one else knows about, like people do with their favorite sports teams, bands, etc.

The next group was the stalkers. They are the craziest. They are paralleled to the way a guy or girl stalks a guy or girl, being obsessed with them, finding out all kinds of crazy information, obscure facts, and having all kinds of secret info in their houses that no one else has seen. They are the kind that pursue God with a passion unheard of.

The last group he talked about was the reluctant seekers. Ron used the example of catching a fish. The fish go for the bait at first and are hooked. They love it. But then, as they begin to be reeled in, they are afraid to die.

This describes a believer who is on fire at first, but when they get to the real world, they're afraid to die for God, picking up their Cross and dying to their old way of life. They struggle against God's pull, and try hard to remain where they are.

This left me with a burning question:

What group would I be classified in, and where do I want to be?

Think about it.

And if you're a "reluctant seeker", don't be afraid to die to yourself.

It will be the most beautiful death you'll ever experience.

And after you die, you'll be more alive in this life than you ever have been before.

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