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Demons, and Our part in the War | Jan 9 2007 5:02 PM

Demons, and Our part in the War | Jan 9 2007 5:02 PM

We have reason to believe that Satan is beginning a full on attack on the spiritual leaders of our youth group. And not mentally or spiritually. Physically. Just read Rob Beckham's (Robbeckham) newest blog and see what I mean.

He was under attack 2 nights ago, when, after being woken up on his couch by his brother at 2:20, he saw something moving around in front of him. He disregarded it, but felt another presence with him as he and Michael went to bed. Eventually he went through the next few hours hearing noises and feeling the presence of something else, until he finally woke from a dream really scared. He got his bible and read Psalms, then went back to sleep. Soon, he awoke and looked at the clock, slowly seeing the red numbers blind him and he started to, literally, burn alive. He screamed, "God help me" and found himself sitting on his bed, okay, but his bible looked as if something had tried to rip it in half.

On Saturday night, Megan (MeganF) saw a demon at my house, and angels surrounding the room that we were praying in.

Randall (Relwof) has been thinking about this aspect of the spiritual war since Sunday, and thinks that Satan is beginning an all out attack on our youth's spiritual leaders, so, as you can expect, we're all a bit worried and stuff. I have realized that not only we shouldn't be afraid because then the enemy wins, but we shouldn't be scared because we DON'T NEED TO BE. Really. there is no reason for us to be scared, as we have the holy spirit and no demon can affect us.

Pray right now for me and my friends. This just shows how serious Satan is about stopping the Battlecry movement, and excites me to know that something so awesome is about to take place that Satan is sending legions of Demons at us to try and intimidate us.

lol don't you like how I made this sound like a special report about a terrorist attack? haha

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