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SLAM - My Side of the Story | Dec 11 2006 5:37 PM

SLAM - My Side of the Story | Dec 11 2006 5:37 PM

First of all, the new meaning of "SLAM"......

It's the sound of GOD'S KINGDOM HITTING EARTH!!!

(Brenton Dowdy)

(if you didn't know what "slam" meant in the first place it means Students Leading A Ministry. we, the students, started it after summer camp in New Mexico.)

But, if you haven't heard, SLAM was awesome on Saturday night!!!

First we had some prayer and worship, but eventually felt led to go to Abilene Regional Hospital. I wont go into detail, but I will tell my side of the story. First, me, Rob Beckham, and Ronnie went around the hospital. A man was by himself sitting at a table, so Ronnie went and talked with him. It turned out that the guy was from Beltway but was feeling depressed. After Ronnie prayed over him, we went back the way we came, praying for the new outpatient center being built as we went. Then, before going inside, we tried to talk to a couple that was smoking. They didn't want us to pray for them, so we went in. By now it was just me and Rob. I felt led to go to the 2nd floor, but didn't hear anything else. However, as we walked, we met up with the Copelands, Camilla, and Tarren (sorry if I misspelled your name, I'm pretty sure I did), and we followed them. After passing hallway after hallway of offices and closed rooms, we were about to go back down to the 1st floor. Me and Rob got on an elevator to go, as the girls went back the other way. But when we got on, the elevator started buzzing loudly, and worried because the adjacent elevator was "out of order" we got off and ran to catch the others. When we met the girls, we were looking for a way down, but in following them we were able to go with them to pray over the old woman with the "wispy" hair!!! It was definitely God's doing, because in the first place, we "happened" to go to the 2nd floor and run into them as they passed an intersection. Also, the elevator "mysteriously" started buzzing. But anyway, the coolest thing about the whole praying thing is that after we were finished praying, the girls asked if there was anything else they could pray about. The woman replied by urging us very energetically and enthusiastically for us to pray for her son, a diabetic; while at the same time SHE is in the hospital for a HOLE IN HER HEART!!!! Overall, amazing.

P.S, any High Schoolers are very welcome to come to Slam on Saturday at 4:00 at the church!!!!!

Don't miss out, because if you choose to do something else, you will regret it! There isn't any better way to spend a Saturday night! (Sarah Copeland)

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