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Low Point | May 13 2007 3:12 PM

Low Point | May 13 2007 3:12 PM

I hope I can make this short because I need to get back to doing my homework, and because I honestly don't feel like writing...but we'll see.

Ok, we were praying in the car on the way back from Albany, and someone was praying that church should be the low point in our week, spiritually. And it's true.

We should be engaging God on a regular daily basis so that when we get to church it's just a celebration of all the stuff we've been experiencing with God throughout the know? Sunday morning shouldn't be the time where we get re-energized for the week, but it should be a time to fellowship and talk with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I know in my mind that I can have as amazing times as we have at Unite in my bedroom, but I have trouble believing it in my heart. I really really want more intimacy with God though...

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