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Where is satisfaction? I think I know... | Feb 11 2007 1:53 AM

Where is satisfaction? I think I know... | Feb 11 2007 1:53 AM

Just another of God's simple truths, that I thought I knew in my head, just hit me again. I think God's trying to show me, right now, how nothing else will satisfy me besides Him.

Nothing else will satisfy me besides Him.

It's a simple truth that I always thought I knew, but I guess I really didn't, with all of the stuff that has happened this month. It's crazy, only 11 days into February and this month already has taken a HUGE toll on so many people. It seems that I was doing so well a couple of weeks ago, and I was. Satan has been attacking me so hard recently, with all kinds of things, and it's like I just climbed up a huge hill, and then the enemy just shoved me all the way back down.

But, I know now how important that truth is.

Only God can satisfy. ONLY God.

If we all really knew what that line meant, we would not be the same people. Heck, this city would already look different. Because when you really know that in your heart, know it enough to act on it, then you can't be the same. Your life will stand out. You will have different morals. You won't want anything but Him.


Here's Why:

Right now we look for our satisfaction in: money, girls/boys, friends, good grades, having fun, weekends, sports, and anything else we think we'll enjoy. But until we Truly realize that that word is true, we will still do those very same things. And it will leave us sad, depressed and wanting more. It won't, can't satisfy our deepest longings. And we won't be happy.

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