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update | Jun 30 2007 1:26 AM

update | Jun 30 2007 1:26 AM

well.....i haven't updated my blahg in a while so here goes.

it's been a while.

about a month.

but things haven't changed much.

I've still been just here in abilene, chillin at my house, or with friends, or whatever. Doing fun things, doing things that honor God, and many times doing both.

We went to camp last week, and it was incredible, kind of different, but was still really good. I think God is starting to move in more and more powerful ways, and this was expressed in 40 + people from my church going to accept Jesus, or rededicate their lives...and most of them are still going with it.

I feel so burdened to keep as many as possible plugged in and active in the local church, and I want to see our youth group grow.

People have left, some have stayed, and more have joined. But our youth group hasn't changed much.

God is still growing us, and most of us are still running hard after God. most.

The cool thing is that though some things change, it's always progressing, things are always moving forward and accelerating. Worship is getting more and more good and intense. People are joining in, rather than sitting in the chair and watching. But it's not about the motions. It never will be.

A lot of times as I'm on the stage, I get caught up in what I'm playing, and trying to make everything sound perfect. I'm still worshiping in that, but I'm not getting everything God has for me. I'm not giving him complete Glory and Honor.

It's not about the motions, and it's not about jumping around and having a good time. It's still about honoring the King of Glory for what he's done and for who He is. Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth.

Sure, it's fun, and it's intense. Just ask anyone who has experienced it. But it's still not about "getting into it". Sure if you jump around and go crazy and that expresses your love for God, go for it, and encourage me to worship harder too. But remember what it's about.

Yes things are exciting right now. I want to see all these new Christians grow strong, take root, and feed themselves. I love this time, though my life at home has been anything but exciting...these days have been increasingly boring.

There is an increase in the move of God. He is on the move. But just as God begins to work in Abilene, the enemy does more and more also. So be on guard. I'm saying this to myself and everyone around me. The enemy has battered me with attacks this week, of all kinds. But I'm gonna hold strong to this shield of Faith, and wait for God's truth to pierce the Darkness. We do have a weapon. Let's use it.

Life is good right now. It is easy, it's not challenging. It is a time of unmeasured potential of growth...but it's time for us to change that potential energy into kinetic energy, if you know what I mean. Let's fight, let's get in the word, let's fellowship with other Christians, let's worship God, tell others, let's abhor evil and hold fast to what is good.

Let's run this race. Let's give that cup of water to the least of these.

Let's cross the finish line with humble pride.

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