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New Year's Eve HEALING | Jan 3 2007 5:23 PM

New Year's Eve HEALING | Jan 3 2007 5:23 PM

So, on New Year's Eve, the band went to Albany!!! It was amazing, too. First of all, we left at 2:00. We played in a huge high school Gym. I was very intimidated when I first went into the huge open empty room. I could definitely imagine it full of hundreds of worshippers, though, and that's exactly what it became. We practiced forever because we hadn't played together before ( the band was: Bryan Jones-lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Kelly-Backup vocals, Marcus-bass, me and Kyle Tiner-electric guitars, Megan-keys, and Brett on the drums.) We basically just chilled in the gym, playing, tweaking, and most of all, praying for the night. I had some cool alone prayer time, as did all of the others. After eating at DQ with some of the rest of the Beltway crew that came, we prayed some more. Finally, we started. There were over 100 ppl there, I think, but as we started playing, it really seemed that something was wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it, but eventually Elijah (one of the Albany guys) came up after some people had given their testimonies and encouraged ppl to be free and to just worship without constraint. He said that he had felt that a spirit of constraint and apathy was present, and everyone prayed for it to leave. After that, we worshipped some more, but it still wasn't as good as it could have been. But, after a few songs, at least 8 people came to the mic and gave testimonies and asked for prayer. Then, everyone kind of split up and prayed over each other. Everyone in the whole room was praying with Bryan playing his guitar, and I saw Brett being prayed over by 2 girls. I joined them and saw them taking Brett's ankle brace boot thing off (he hurt his ankle really bad playing ultimate frisbee, and he could barely walk, limping everywhere). Confused, I stayed with them, and realized that they were praying for healing for his foot. This was really cool to me and I vigorously joined in. After a little prayer, Brett said his ankle didn't hurt quite as much as it did before. I wasn't satisfied, but we were about to play another song, so I went back. A bit later, I noticed Jesse, Josh, Marcus, and someone else praying for his ankle...excited and hopeful, I joined them and spent probably 7 minutes praying for his ankle. Kelly Parks also joined us. Sometime during that time, Jesse noted how he felt like his hand was on fire. I didn't hear him, but I did have my hand on his ankle, and I did notice that his leg was shaking and was warm. After this, we finished praying and Jesse said "that was crazy!! I've never felt anything like that, it felt like FIRE on my hand!!!" Brett said it felt a lot better...but i was wondering if he was just saying that to make us feel good, since he limped off to the bathroom before we played the next song.

He may have left the room limping, but he came back running.

He came back excited and dancing, telling us that he was ok!!! He had some bruising still, and it still hurt him, but God healed him!!! As we played Marvelous Light, everyone in the room was jumping, dancing, and worshiping God with all they had, and it was amazing. God is amazing. I payed special attention to Brett's double bass action with his previously injured left was incredible...whatever you want to call it. Yeah. It was cool.

God is good!!!

Oh yeah I forgot another thing, Brett talked to the doctor the other day, after being told a few days before he had a hairline fracture, torn ligaments, and a bad sprain. That doctor said that his ankle was almost healed!!! He said there was no way it could naturally have healed so fast, and he said the ankle would be back to normal in a week!!!!!

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