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Wow, what a weekend. (please comment!!!!!) | Jan 29 2007 12:21 AM

Wow, what a weekend. (please comment!!!!!) | Jan 29 2007 12:21 AM

Ok guys, this weekend was seriously one of the best in my life, if not the best weekend of my whole life. I can't even begin to describe how far God has brought me in the past 4 days. I mean, I have so much to write about, I'll probably spend the whole week writing blogs on everything that has happened, so keep checking my page to see If I have a new one up yet...I just wish I could have like 5 blogs on my page, not just 2...oh well. here we go.

Blog #1: Word Spirit and Power Conference

A couple of months ago a friend named Chris Gomez was at my house, while he was in town. He is in kentucky right now, in college. Anyways, my brother and I were talking to him, and somehow, the subject of the WSP (word spirit and Power) conference came up. First of all, Beltway had this same conference 2 years ago. My church, for all of you who don't go to Beltway, is not charismatic. It's kind of in the middle. I mean, we don't have people falling over and laughing and all the stuff ppl would normally call weird, but our worship is loud, and ppl are free to do whatever. Anyways, this conference was very charismatic. These three guys, R.T. Kendall, Jack Taylor, and Charles Carrin, came and shared some great teaching, combined with a ministry time at the end, where they would lay hands on people and they would fall over, and start laughing, and doing weird stuff. It scared me, and my friends, because we had never seen anything like it. The point is, it stirred up a lot of controversy, and our youth worship leader got in some trouble and left, and I'm sure a lot of other people left too. This left me quite confused. I didn't understand how making people fall over was biblical. It just didn't make sense, and I didn't agree with it. Some people thought it was demonic, and noone really understood it.

This weekend, we held the same conference we had 2 years previous. I was not happy at first, praying it wouldn't stir up controversy. I went to the first session on thursday evening planning on simply coming and observing everything from a distance, but not engaging in it. I had an open mindset, but I wasn't planning on going up and falling over. The worship was amazing. I came in and just could taste the Holy Spirit's presence. It was undeniable. These 2 college guys were in the front just dancing and worshipping, and I started to worship too. It was really really good. Really free, unusual for the sanctuary where most ppl just stand still and sing. Then, the guys came up, with the exception of Jack, because he was still in another city. They introduced themselves, made fun of each other, and it was just a fun time of laughter and good, old-fashioned humor. R.T. talked about total forgiveness, a message that he had given last time that was really pivotal for many people. Charles also talked about the holy spirit. After this, we began the ministry time. They didn't put a guilt trip on us to get us to have hands laid on us, and they really handled the whole thing very well. I didn't really understand it, but I had a feeling this was from God. I couldn't worship though. I was so distracted by everything it was virtually impossible for me to worship. By the end, I was ok. I knew the beginning was really good. But the end was not. I went back into the worship center. The whole time I had been thinking about if any of my friends were there from school. I don't know if there were, but as I sat in the chair, God broke my heart about how far we've fallen. We Christians are so disconnected from each other. I was thinking about how badly I want to be able to talk to my brothers and mainly sisters in christ (I already talk to my brothers) about their walk and what they have been reading. I want to be able to so badly!!! I want to just share with my friends who don't go to beltway and encourage them in their walk and show them that CHRISTIANITY IS FUN!!!! GOD IS FUN!!! It seems like so many of our brothers and sisters in christ have forgotten that! I mean, God has been doing amazing things in our youth that other Christians don't even know about!!! It made me so sad I actually came to tears, praying I can be an encourager to those that feel like no one understands them and how they like to read their bible. I want to talk to my fellow Christians about what they've been reading and what God has been showing them. Anyways, all of this to say, God made a breakthrough that night, however small, and after praying a little more I left. I was glad the wsp started as well as it did. The next 2 nights were really the ones I want to write about, but every book has chapters that need to go in order, so I guess i had to make this the background info for the others I'll write soon. God Bless, please comment so I know someone actually reads these things. If no one does, why write? lol seriously though.

God Bless!!!

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