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A Vision and a Prophecy (updated) | Apr 2 2007 10:43 PM

A Vision and a Prophecy (updated) | Apr 2 2007 10:43 PM

I'm excited.

Like, really really excited.

There was this prophetic vision this dude had at my church where he saw the united states in granite rock, and there were these cracks like lava was coming out of it, but it wasn't lava, just light. So he saw these cracks in a couple of places like I think one in Florida, and one in California. The cool thing is that the places these cracks were located at were places that revivals were happening - crazy stuff like healings and dead raised and stuff (particularly at the crack in California). Then he saw another crack - in Abilene Texas, this medium sized middle of nowhere town that I live in. This crack, however, was way bigger than any of the other cracks. like it made all the other ones look tiny.

Something huge is going down in Abilene, soon. And I'm a part of it. It's definitely only by God's grace I live here in this time, and that he has sovereignly placed me here. I can't do anything but praise God for placing me here.

so yeah. I know everyone who reads this is going to be jealous (if you don't live here in Abilene of course).

And if you don't believe that this vision is accurate...let me tell you this:

My friend had a broken relationship with this girl. She had moved away and turned her back on God, completely. She was in a horrible place, doing terrible things. Anyways, my friend had been praying for her this whole time. A couple weeks ago, the same guy who had a vision for the thingy I already told you about had a certain vision that had to do with this girl coming back to the lord. Well, my friend started giving out prayer requests and got a team together to pray for her, and the next morning, he got a text message from her saying that she was ready for change. In a matter of days she turned around, literally, 180 degrees.

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