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Last Unite...incredible | May 2 2007 10:03 PM

Last Unite...incredible | May 2 2007 10:03 PM

Well, I just want to say that Unite was incredible last night.

Complete freedom in worship.

Wow. It was an amazing end to Unite for this school year, but there will be another "unite" next week that will be all worship!! So I'm pretty excited about that.

First of all, the worship was great to start out with. It was SO PACKED!!! There were so many people there!!! At the beginning they played a bunch of fast songs like For All You've Done, and Take It All, and Marvelous Light, and it was just a time to celebrate and dance.

Then, Cory Ayers gave the testimony of the girl whose legs got healed and got up out of her wheelchair and walked - after being paralyzed!!! (This happened on Saturday night in Albany.)

Then Brandon Spoke about taking our faith into "four wheel drive" and he talked about how this time that we're in is "open heaven season", where, because God's will is that his kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven, we can see things in the Kingdom to "grab" and take here to earth.

For example, no one in heaven is paralyzed, God's will is that his kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven, so God's will is that people will be healed. It's so simple!!!

After Brandon spoke we had some more intense worship, time just to seek God and give him honor. Me and a couple of others, including Brett, who has the gift of healing, prayed healing over my friend Justin who I invited to Unite.

Soon, Brandon came and encouraged everyone to get prayed over and so that they can find their "city", a metaphor he used to describe the calling in his life. God called him to be a revivalist of love, and so that is his "city". It's kind of confusing...

But anyways, I got prayed over by Toby, an amazing guy who gives testimony...he prayed all kinds of things over me, and I don't remember all of it, but I do remember that he proclaimed that I would be a leader among men. I knew this was definitely God speaking, because of the way he said it and the fact that God spoke it to him.

After this, we worshiped more, the worship progressing into more and more intensity. I started experiencing more freedom, in which I danced, spun around, jumped, and worshiped God with all I had in me. Soon, we broke out into Marvelous Light.

This is when the supernatural joy of the lord hit me.

Peanut led into it with some sweet guitar riffs, and when they began to play the intro, everyone went crazy!!! I jumped and spun, and as I looked around me, I saw my friends all worshiping with all they had, and I really can't describe it, but it was the best feeling ever. God just poured out his joy on me and I could not keep the beaming smile off my face. I jumped higher, spun more, and stayed true to the words of Hillsong's "Take it all", where it says:

"My God, I'll only ever give my all"

After God's joy hit me, I could not keep from shouting, or dancing, or anything, because that's what worship is. It's a natural response to GOD. They pretty much played that song for like 10 - 15 minutes, and by the end I would like to think that I was the sweatiest one there. And I'm pretty sure I was, because my hair was dripping with sweat, my shirt was totally soaked, my pants......well, you don't even want to go there. But I had sweat streaming down my face. I just want to say that it's truly a great feeling to be that exhausted from something that good.

In closing we all held hands, which was really really amazing, as a symbol of unity. It was extremely powerful, and just incredible to look around at all the united Christ-followers. I felt so sorry for the girl next to me!!! My hand was soaked and nasty.....oh well. She gave me grace.

Good night.

wait - one more thing....

my friend eric was at lunch today at a Chinese restaurant.

You know how Brandon talked about four-wheel-drive faith, and how when you have four wheel drive you can get to beautiful places no one else has seen? Well Eric got a fortune cookie that read "You are about to begin a four wheel adventure."


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